Selling – The Ultimate Idea To Make Money Online Legally

When I created my first blog, I thought within myself that, immediately I launch this little blog with less than five post about a niche I know nothing about, the money will start to roll in and I’ll just sit back and do nothing… Unfortunately for me I discovered I had created the worst blog in the world. As at then I thought just building a blog and posting irrelevant articles is enough to keep the cash rolling in.Each time I open that blog, I feel disgusted and saying to myself, ‘did I setup that blog?’. Surprisingly I always get a reply from my conscience which says ‘Of course it was you, were you sleeping when it all happened?’It was after then I started to read other blogs, asked so many questions about how I could make money only and tried finding answers. Fortunately for me, the good writers out there were able give me an answer, ‘SELLING’. Yes Selling, in my search, I learned you are just like a snake that passes through a rock without an impact in the world of online businesses – If you don’t SELL something.According to Wikipedia, Selling is offering to exchange an item of value for another item. The item offered could be either tangible or intangible while the other item, usually in the form of money.To be really successful in your online business, it is a must you sell something and not just anything, it must be an item of value. Now here it is, if you are the type looking for a get rich quick system, its time for you to stop reading this post because it’s not for you. But if not, please read further.Since the key word here is selling, there are various ways you can sell online and make money in return. All of these will be explained below…IDEAS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE1 SELL YOUR WORDS: As one of the business models, selling your words involves freelance writing. Companies, Magazines, and bigger websites are looking for people to write for them in exchange for money – very good money – Do you know about a particular niche or skill?, can you write good articles to address issues surrounding the given niche? Then this business is a very sure way to make money SELLING your words. It is best you learn everything that concerns the art of writing and make sure you have a good knowledge of what or who are writing about.2 SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Remember we live in the world where information sells faster. Are you knowledgeable about a given skill? Do you have an idea about something and willing to share it? If you answer equal s YES, then you are good to go. You must have visited you tube and watched a video recorded by someone like you and I, explaining things you know nothing about before… Those you see giving you the information are simply selling their knowledge.You can create a video tutorial on HOW TO GET SIX PACK ABS, WEIGHT LOSS TIPS, HOW TO PLAY DRUMS or HOW TO DO SOME EXERCISE and charge people who really need your tutorials some amount of money before they can access the video tutorial. I personally have watched some video tutorials by different people with different skills like Jared Falk – Drumeo and others. You can also be an online consultant by creating a video tutorial and letting your clients watch it for a fee. As long as you are sharing your knowledge by video tutorials, this is a legal and sure way to make money online.3 SELL YOUR CREATIVITY: Creating good paintings, building and designing a website, or having one or two knowledge in the world of art and doing it in exchange for money. All these revolve around selling your creativity. There are so many companies and other individuals looking for web designers and are willing to pay lots of money for your service, this an opportunity for you to make money online. Just make sure as a web designer you have the required knowledge to be able to build a professional website. Also as an artist you can sell you painting online and make money for yourself. Visit a sure way for artists and designers to market their works and generate income.4 SELL YOUR TIME AND YOUR VOICE: In case you don’t understand this, selling you time and voice involves working for call centers from the comfort of your home. If you have a very good telephone voice, the ability to organize useful information quickly, this job could be a good starting point towards making money online. However, you need to have some things put in place before you can be qualified for this job… First you must be Diligent, i.e you should try as much as possible to be honest and also be sure not to be working with an illegal company. Also you need to be well equipped with a computer, fast internet network, earphones including a land line phone. Without this you may not be considered for the job.5 SELL YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS: There are lots work at home jobs that require your typing skills to input data. With this you can charge the company that requires your service some amount of money to type on their behalf. Remember you must have the ability to type fast and pay attention to details. If you have the required skill, you are good to go.IN CONCLUSION
I always say this to people that, making money online is just as difficult as making it offline. You must be willing to give out something of value before you can be successful online. While employment opportunities are getting scarcer, you have to be smarter and help yourself live up to standard, at the same time MAKE MONEY! It’s out there.SELL SOMETHING!!

Can One Loan Do It All?

Can one loan do it all? This is a question I have asked myself recently, being in the mortgage business and studying finance over the last 15 years of my life I have finally realized what life is all about.In short life is about debt. I’m not trying to make life sound uninviting but let’s face it you either live it or you don’t. Money you either have it or you don’t. So why are so many people failing miserably? Due to our instant gratification type of society.We live most of our adult lives trying to maintain a job or career and keep up with the bills, and the “Jones’”. Many people are caught up with the new car craze or credit card obligations. I must confess being a mortgage banker by day I get to see the worst of the worst, and also the best of the best when it comes to peoples finances.So again since we are talking about loans for a minute why is it that so many people want more than they can afford; 500, 600, even 700 thousand dollar homes. I live in California and it’s not cheap. Some new alternatives to lending have arrived for instance a mortgage product designed with the benefits of 3 -4 individual mortgage products.Before I go any further I must make an important note. I am not encouraging you to take on anymore debt; I simply want you to know the options you have when you go to purchase or refinance your next or current home.Lenders love to sell sub prime loans (bad credit loans) they come with a great commission. I know of mortgage lenders who have sold a $600K home to a cashier at McDonald’s. That is an abuse of power; we all have the power to put anyone into a foreclosure within 6 months as a mortgage lender if all we do is think about our own pocket book.So for years now I have taken a different path. I will do sub-prime loans but not for a 1st time home buyer. Education is #1 in my book. So here you go, why I ask if 1 loan can do it all. If you purchased or refinanced your home which by the way in CA. happens every 2-5 years on the average; you would be a statistic, incurring more debt into your personal lives via credit cards, car and personal loans and more bills.Now you come and talk to your friendly mortgage lender and get a debt consolidation loan to “wrap up” all of your debt but did you really take care of it? No. You just sheltered it under the house and freed up your other sources of capital. There is nothing wrong with this concept; you get to deduct the mortgage interest as usual. You just have to feel the pain for the next 30, 40 or even 50 years.So can one loan do it all? In short yes but only if you understand that you cannot refinance and consolidate your debt(s), then go out and rack up of your other debt all over again. You need to manage your debt, budget your income and expenses and learn to use credit wisely.A mortgage, auto loan, credit card or any other type of financial tool is just that a tool. Use them for the proper application and you will have financial mastery, use them any other way and you will be doomed for sure.

Four Tips For Financing Your New Car

Whilst buying a car is without doubt an exciting time, it can also be stressful and costly. Most people (at least 80%) cannot afford to buy a new car outright. Therefore, most car buyers acquire a new car using a deposit as down payment and obtain car finance to fund the rest. The following five tips are valuable for people considering obtaining a new car as they give different options on how to best to fund the transaction.1. Sell your current car privately instead of a part exchange – Whilst it is much more convenient to ‘trade in’ an existing vehicle as a part exchange on a new vehicle this will not maximise the money you get for your car. Done primarily for ease and convenience (if you put your car in as part exchange against a newer model you remove the whole selling process, advertising costs, people calling around your home to view the car and being annoyed by phone calls for weeks after the car has been sold), it is a known fact that a part exchange is the least profitable way to sell your car. Therefore, if you have the time and patience, it is advised that you opt for a private sale. Perhaps the best way to determine whether you should part exchange or sell is to determine the market value for your vehicle and compare this with some part exchange values. Whatever the difference between the two can be considered your payment for the hassle of private sale and therefore you can make an informed decision.2. Car Finance From A Dealership – This is the most popular way to finance a car. Dealers provide approximately 65% of all car finance. The reason for this is that people shop for cars based on the price of the car and because 80% of all new car buyers need finance they end up taking finance from the same dealer that provides the best price on the car.Dealers typically offer hire purchase or car leasing. Hire purchase is an arrangement where people sign a contract to make monthly payments across 3 – 5 years and they end up owning the car at the end of that payment period. Leasing is slightly different because it is often much, much cheaper you can have the option to buy the car at the end of the period or simply return it to the dealer. However, you must be careful with dealer finance (or any car finance for that matter) and you should always shop around and compare the monthly deal that you have been offered. Just because you negotiated a good price on the car doesn’t always mean that you are getting a good monthly price on the finance. In some cases the monthly payment could have a premium hidden in it with a high APR and therefore the calculation of your monthly payment may not relate to the ‘good price’ that you think you negotiated on your car. Therefore, shop around and compare the monthly payment, the total payment ensuring that you are comparing the same contract period etc with different dealers and finance providers irrespective of the price that you have negotiated on the car.3. Car loans from a bank – Personal car loans account for only 13% of all new car finance. This is surprising because other than using cash, this is the only form of finance that enables the borrower to own the car from the point of purchase. Therefore, whilst most people think they own the car that they are driving, if they bought the car with finance and are still making monthly payments, then approximately 87% of all new cars are not actually owned by the drivers.If you are thinking of purchasing a car using a car loan of some form you should always shop around based on APR. There are various comparison websites that enable you to compare car loans but you should always be careful about two things:(i) the Apr that the website quotes to you is unlikely to be the one that you get. This is most likely the best APR you could get and it is often adjusted to meet how much of a ‘risk’ that bank may think you are;
(ii) do not submit too many applications for finance. If you submit three or four applications to different banks and you are refused by all of them, you might damage your credit record and make it difficult for you to obtain finance in the future. Some finance websites enable you to apply for a loan and they can advise you whether or not you are likely to succeed and this can be a safer way to apply4. Lease your new car – As discussed above, car leasing is most often the cheapest way to finance your new car. In fact, according to the Finance & Leasing Association, in the first 6 months of this year it was the most popular form or finance provided by dealers. When making a decision on car finance, be sure that you actually need to own your next car? If so, then the only form of finance that permits this immediately is a personal loan from a bank – remember, with hire purchase you will not own the car. If ownership is not so important, then leasing is a cheap form of finance – but you must have a good credit rating. There are many benefits with car leasing as it allows you to receive a new car every few years (although this can change, depending on the lease agreement) without the hassle of a part exchange. However, make sure that you are familiar with the disadvantages (you need to agree an annual mileage limit) and as always be sure to shop around and compare like with like on all alternative car leasing deals.